My mother told me I do not suffer fools. My best friend told me I need to learn how to fit inside the box. And my instructional coach told me I have lived a life free to speak my mind. All three of these things get me into trouble…frequently. And unfortunately trouble returned. This summer I attended several PDs and many were excellent and I can’t wait to use my new skills. Two trainings were not so great. The first the issue wasn’t the material but how it was facilitated. I felt the facilitator was knowledgeable my concern it seemed she wasn’t prepared. My face unfortunately expressed my inner dialogue and led to some awkward moments. The second training I was confused about a path to take. I asked for advise and was inundated with too much information. Too many voices and it became confusing and frustrating. I became defensive and this led to my recent trouble. I was called out for my behavior and it made me pause for reflection.

I became a teacher because I believe all children deserve the best education. I believe all students need to be seen as capable of great things. When I hear people say, the kids can’t do that I get angry. How do you know? Have you made several attempts? Have you talked to the students? When I disagree with something I will say so. Blame it on my liberal education. But this behavior can cause huge problems and label one as unmanageable, disrespectful, just plain unpleasant. So this summer, what’s left, I need to make some changes especially as I move on and forward. 


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