This summer attending many PDs or professional developments. It’s a great time to learn more and improve those skills. For the most part enjoying the classes and meetings. The one course I didn’t enjoy was due to facilitator lack of confidence. 

Today was another PD and it was excellent,  alot of great info that I can definitely use. Unfortunately what happened at the end made me question my commitment to my school. After the PD the staff agreed to follow the new curriculum 100%. It makes sense and could make life for the students and staff so much easier. After agreeing to follow the exact guidelines the principal and staff decided we need to make changes. 

I found myself amazed by this. How can you follow something with fidelity but change it? Especially before you implement it? Well it’s because it’s “too much for our students.” How do you know? You havent tried! I became annoyed and then I became angry when the incessant talking down began. As a new teacher I am talked down to alot. It is annoying and it makes life difficult. I don’t want to ask questions because I might get a damn lecture. So I mostly hold my tongue. 

In that moment I asked myself if my views on education and teaching align with my school any longer? They unfortunately don’t. Can I help make change? Not without support and presently I have none. Based on past behaviors is there hope things will change for the better? Doubtful. Based on this it may be time to move on. 


One thought on “When it may be time to quit

  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I definitely think finding the right balance between following any curriculum with fidelity while giving teachers the freedom to adapt as necessary is one of the hardest things for schools to do.. I’ve also worked at a couple schools where I question whether the values/views can fit cohesively with school’s culture and agenda. Hoping things work out for you!


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