Today began as usual, everyone meets in the gym to say the pledge and make announcements. As we were waiting to begin I saw two students chasing each other and hitting each other. I asked the male student to stop so I could find out what happened. He walks away and ignores me. I tell him either come with me or talk to security. He yells I’m calling my mom. I tell him ok let’s make the call. As we are walking down the hallway the student continues to yell and states he will tell his mom I hit him. I stated please do. We walk into the office he makes the call and proceeds to tell his mom he thought the other girl was going to rape him (not exaggerating) and that I hurt him. Parents are in the office and are amazed this is occurring. Both parents shake their heads. I finally speak to the mother who is angry, with me. How dare I touch her child, what do I need to talk to him about and how I need to watch my tone. Now admittedly I am upset. This is not how I wish to begin the day. I explain as any adult responsible for children when students are hitting each other I need to know why. I also explain that if her child is accusing me of physical assault then I need to call the police. The mom tells me she doesn’t need the police she will just come to the school. Now the parent is threatening me. She asks to speak to her son, they speak and then he hangs up. Finally we talk and he explains the other student was bothering him. I ask what he could have done differently. Afterwards I speak to the other student. 

As the morning continues I am fuming. I did not imagine I would spend my time dealing with so many behaviors. Not just the students but also the parents. Often when there is a rude child you can easily trace it back to a rude parent. Parents who will come to the school and try to physically fight school staff. Why? Why make excuses for your child’s behavior? As a teacher I try teach students you can advocate for yourself without being disrespectful. These lessons are often ignored. Now I understand why a fellow teacher told me to be happy if I reach at least 1 student. 


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