I understand schools must show students are progressing. We must show more gains than losses. In addition we must maintain a certain number of students. Attendance means money and like any other entity out there schools need money. What I have great difficulty with are changes midstream. Children, especially children in low economic areas, require consistency. It makes them feel safe. When changes are made frequently children don’t know what to expect and become anxious. Here it is less than 40 days of school and we now have another change. Not only changes to curriculum but also changes to schedules. It is infuriating and to me ridiculous. School is almost over this is the time we need to prepare students for next year, help those who are in danger of failing or helping those who have failed to prepare for repeating their grade. 

I find this exhausting and unfortunately became very upset at work. I talked it through with administration and have resigned myself to help my students accept another change. 


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