Yesterday I learned the UK Supreme court ruled against a father who took his daughter out of school for a holiday

In the UK you must apply to take your child out of school and receive permission from the head teacher. The only excused absences are illness, transportation issues and one more thing I can’t remember. A blogger from the UK who is a mom is pissed and feels the State is too involved in parent’s lives. 

After reading the article I see the reasoning behind the rule. Parents would take their child(ren) out of school for less expensive family trips. If they waited for holiday time the prices double or quadruple in cost. The amount of primary students taken out of school was too high so rules were put in place. And as a teacher I kinda agree. In my class I have students who have missed 20 or more days of school. I also have students who are chronically late. Often parents think it’s not that big of a deal when young children miss so much school. It is a huge deal. Children with chronic absences and tardies have huge gaps in their learning and are more likely to fail. As a teacher this is frustrating and infuriating. I’m blamed by the parents and sometimes admin if a child is failing. I have called families, tutored, sent home extra credit and more. Again I ask when do we make parents take responsibility. To me the UK has the right idea. 


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