In an earlier post I mentioned I have 4 students who are failing. One has since transferred out. Not sure how that helps him and I wish him the best. A second I have tried several times to meet with to no avail. A 3rd I am tutoring twice a week. She is making progress. And finally the 4th I’m not sure what is happening. He is missing a lot of school and is not receiving the tutoring we discussed. Report card pick up is soon and we are now on Spring break. I have spoken to several teachers and they are facing the same issues. One parent exclaimed she didn’t know her son was failing. That is not possible. We send progress reports home. If a parent fails to review the progress report and check in with the teacher is it not their fault? I ask this because when does personal responsibility come into the equation. I understand there are good parents who work hard and do their best to ensure their child receives a great education. My question applies to the parents who make excuses, the parents who bring their child one hour late daily and the parents who dont bring their child to school for two weeks straight because they don’t see the point of kindergarten or 1st grade. When do we hold these parents solely responsible for their child’s lack of education? 


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