Everyday I realize I know nothing. Monday was a tough day. My students were not engaged and were zombies. I tried everything and was met by blank stares. I’m not sure if it was the snow or because it is so close to Christmas. Tuesday was a bit better. More engagement and interest in the lessons. Some of my poor performing students are making huge strides and others are back sliding. Wednesday still ok. Thursday again blank stares. And then I came across an A-ha moment. I was noticing my students had issues with missing addends until I tried something new. Instead of leaving it to the students to read the number sentence independently I read it to them. Suddenly scores shot up. Light bulb. I spoke to another teacher and learned I need to spend time helping the children understand what the math symbols actually mean. This I learned will not be introduced until later. That makes no sense. Why introduce this later? I realize teaching is a daily learning experience. 


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