The title may not be accurate however it’s how I feel right now. Today was business as usual. I was getting the class ready for several assessments today. While preparing a parent stopped by to drop off cupcakes for her son’s birthday. I went to the office to pick them up. The front office manager asked me what was wrong. I told her nothing. She then asked why the TA and I were fighting. I told her to my knowledge there wasn’t a fight. I explained if someone has a problem there is nothing I can do until I know what the problem may be. After hearing this I spoke to another teacher. She suggested I talk to the TA. I agreed this was the best approach. Then came more bad news. A different TA announced she was fired due to the budget shortfall. This angered all of the staff because we were told the forced furlough was to prevent this exact scenario. 

I called my mom and she suggested I say nothing. She believes the anger from the TA may be misdirected due to the firing of the other TA. When I think about it that seems reasonable. Also I don’t like confronting people. It never goes as planned because I get emotional. Also right now I’m a little angry. I’m angry because this is very unprofessional and unnecessary. 


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