As most people know school budgets are based on the number of students. Put simply the more students attending everyday the more money the public or charter school receives. Well our school network has not reached its goal and we have a budget deficit. This now means everyone must take a one day furlough. A furlough is a day we forego payment and it must be a day there are no students at school. It’s not cool but it’s better than the alternative. The alternative is someone is fired. I don’t want that so taking one day is ok. 

In addition to this news there was a not cool moment. The staff were discussing what we would like to see from everyone at the school. It was very positive and then came a negative moment. For some reason a staff member decided to call out new staff members. She stated that it is November and we should know all of the school songs. She also stated the new teachers need training because we don’t understand the school rules. First off I didn’t learn the songs because I’m busy. I have spent the past six weeks catching up and establishing my classroom. Excuse me if I spend what little free time I have trying to recover from hours of lesson planning, teaching, correcting behaviors and grading papers. The other issue I and a few teachers had, who isn’t following the rules? Perhaps instead of making a blanket statement it would be best to speak to the person one on one. 

I’m really upset because I took this job because the staff works together to help the students. Now I’m noticing internal bickering and this is causing me some concern. I left my last job due to negative people, I don’t need nor want negativity in my life. 


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