‘Twas the day after Halloween and all the children were giddy with delight. Thoughts of Snickers, Twix and other sweet treats were dancing in their heads. Many were grinning due to all treats that were hid (in their backpacks). Sorry I can’t continue the rhyming. 

The students were eating candy first thing in the morning. The dean of students announced twice, no candy eating. Within 5 minutes of his announcement I confiscated 3 pieces of candy. I took class points from one who tried to hide his gum under his tongue. He didn’t know I once worked in a juvenile rehabilitation facility. I often had to toss rooms and search children for drugs, candy is a lot easier to search for. (Ignore the poor grammar). 

In the afternoon I found the biggest stash by mistake. While I was searching for a student’s homework folder I found a pound of candy in one student’s backpack. So I did a complete search and found a total of 3 pounds. I am not exaggerating. After confiscating the candy I then gave it to the teachers to enjoy and to pass out to their on task students. And yes like the Grinch before he ran into Sally, I enjoyed it.

Today was also a growth day for me. I decided to request observation for myself by our instruction specialist and spoke to another teacher. I need to spend time training the students to be more independent and also insisting get that the TA back off during independent time. Starting tomorrow in the afternoon the students will be expected to work independently and learn how to self regulate. This will help them grow and allow me time to work with small groups. 


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