We began the morning on a great note. The students were well behaved during morning circle. I had the whole day planned and my cold from the weekend was much improved. As we were walking to class the father from Friday approaches me and asks for his $9. I tell him I don’t have his money. He huffy, waves me off and walks to the TA. It appears after this father took back his money on Friday he gave it to the TA. She did not inform me the father gave her the money for his daughters which means she didn’t tell me they spoke. Which means she is not following our agreement. I find this disturbing and I realize we will continue to experience issues. 

In the meantime the primary teachers began dividing students into targeted instruction groups. I made choices for where my students should go. This information was posted on Friday and today the TA questioned my choices. I explained I understand her concerns however based on work I have seen this is where I have placed the students. She continued to disagree and walked away. Issue number 2. So as they say here we go again. I’m soooo looking forward to report card pickup. 


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