Friday morning began great. My students so far were in uniform and it was a half school day. Every Friday is a half day and it is a perfect opportunity to teach social studies and science. During morning circle three students walked in out of uniform and I was not happy. Two of my students learn, sisters walked in with their father. I spoke to him and explained that his daughters would be consequenced for not following the rules. I explained they were not submitting their homework and we’re not consistently following the rules. He shrugged his shoulders and said “They’re here now so what.” I told him that’s fine and I was explaining why they would be consequenced. The dad told me it didn’t matter and walked away. I was upset because I couldn’t believe he didn’t care his daughters were not submitting their homework. Suffice it to say I was disheartened. Many of my students have large gaps in their foundational skills. Due to these gaps I have to slow down my lessons which will affect them next year. 

After school I spoke to the mom and received a much different reaction. The mom understood why I canceled dress down and said she would speak to her children. In two weeks we will have report pick up and from what I hear not alot of parents will show up.


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