Today was typical. We had the benchmark in the morning, I’m still being iced out by my TA and the students are talkative as usual. 

I made it through the day and had all of the student homework already set up. I was prepared to leave school at exactly 4 pm, clocked out and then it happened. Pulled into a meeting. 

Teachers have discovered money missing from their possessions, so much so we are having a meeting. The school believes it is a student. I (internally) asked the question how do you know it is a student? I asked internally because I don’t want this look.

However it is a question we should ask because the parents will ask the same. 

In addition to a last minute meeting I had to talk to a parent. Thankfully this parent was on my side. A student is failing to follow directions and this is affecting their grade. When I explained this could potentially affect benchmark test results that got a reaction. Fingers crossed I begin to see changes.

Almost forgot I also became the Sheriff of Nottingham ala Alan Rickman.

The students are beginning to slack off rule wise so I cancelled pizza day, dress down day and cookies until they can prove they will follow the rules. I may have gone too far. 


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