Today we began benchmark testing for 2nd through 8th grade. Second grade was first. This meant I had to have everything prepared for the 1st graders and help second grade during their benchmark. The morning began great, the computers worked and the TA arrived early. But she isn’t speaking to me. She appears to be upset with me. Honestly that’s fine, be angry, however please be present. She did not attend our morning circle and would not speak to me unless I spoke to her. Sigh, ok. 

So I’m now focusing on the students and I have some concerns. The students are not accustomed to working independently or being asked to think critically. This is creating a problem in regards to lesson planning and it seems to be upsetting the parents. Parents are complaining we are expecting too much. They don’t realize we are actually expecting the bare minimum now. 

I’m nervous for report card pick up however I feel prepared. I have the student work and can show parents homework is linked to class work. 


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