My first day was not a typical first day. Let me begin at the start. I saw an advert for a 1st/2nd grade teacher at a charter school and decided to apply. Within two weeks I was hired to work at a school three weeks into the school year. This meant I missed a lot of information and the ability to properly introduce myself to the students.

On my first day I believed it would be like any other new job. Talking to HR, meeting my boss and my co-workers. Easy-peasy. Instead I was immediately thrown into the classroom and told to begin teaching. No lesson plan, no introduction, no background on the students. So as you can imagine those first two days (I began on a Thursday) were insane. Add to this the prior teacher (a TA) was not in the room long enough to discuss what the children learned in the prior three weeks. It was very disconcerting and very draining. Don’t get me wrong I was happy to be teaching after a long time in school and going through the certification process but this was not what I expected.

Now as I mentioned earlier this was a 1st and 2nd grade classroom. This means two different lessons for English and math classes and then trying to find a way to mix in social studies, science, reading and phonics. Over the weekend I came up with what I felt was a great plan. I was told the TA would be in the room the full day and so I planned a lesson for two teachers. As any teacher can tell you, you need to come up with a Plan A, B, C and possibly D. Monday came and there was no TA (no one told me) and my computer was at home. So that day I taught both lessons to all of the students and somehow we made it through.

The following day Tuesday I was excited to see the TA was back and I began the long journey of playing catch up (still catching up 5 weeks later) on grading papers, getting to know the students and the staff.

I decided to start this blog to document my struggles and hopefully find some advice out there in the ether known as the internet. I’m sure other teachers have gone through better and worse so not a competition more of an anonymous sounding board.



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